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Viking-themed The Frostrune marks date for late summer release

With its grand tales and colorful characters, such as trickster god Loki and hammer-wielding Thor, Norse mythology has sparked imaginations for centuries. Countless books, movies and video games have been influenced by the myths, and upcoming first-person point-and-click adventure The Frostrune looks to make its own Norse-inspired mark on gamers, transporting them to the frozen, mysterious world of Nordic folklore.

Currently in development by Norway-based Grimnir Media, information about the game is being left intentionally vague for now, so as not to spoil the mysterious atmosphere that the developers hope to convey. We do know the game will be set in the 900s, during the height of the Viking Age. However, rather than the typical (and inaccurate) horn-helmet-wearing Norsemen of popular culture, the developers are striving to make the game as realistic as possible in its portrayal of Viking life, with all in-game items and scenery based on archaeological findings and artifacts. The goal is to let players experience an “authentic” Nordic culture, drawing players in with an environment ripe for exploration.

Grimnir seems to recognize the importance of story and atmosphere to the overall experience, and promise not to skimp in this regard when crafting the game. But rather than retell well-worn myths and legends, the developers want to create a unique story that “fills in the blanks” left in the various sagas and myths while staying true to the spirit of these works. Puzzles will be a part of the tasks involved, but the developers are reluctant to say specifically what varieties will be present, except to say that the pre-industrial, medieval setting means that “mechanical” puzzles, such as “sliders, buttons, and levers” will be absent, at least in their more familiar forms. As indicated by the title, The Frostrune will include some forms of magic to accomplish in-game tasks, and will center on runic magic and the influence the gods had over human affairs.

The Frostrune is expected to be unearthed in late summer 2014, on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms, with a later release on PC planned. In the meantime, interested gamers can find more information at the game’s official website.

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Can’t wait! What better setting could there be?
Looks like the developers have really got a feel for the Norse myths.

Mar 31, 2014
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