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FMV mystery adventure Contradiction revealed on Kickstarter

Live-action “interactive movies” have a spotty history in the minds of many gamers, with frequently-hammy acting and a lack of actual gameplay being a few of the more common complaints. True to its name, Contradiction, a recently announced point-and-click adventure currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, hopes to change all that, incorporating mystery-solving gameplay with a full motion video presentation.

In development by Tim Follin, a cinematographer and visual effects artist known in the gaming world for pioneering the “chiptune” electronic music genre, the game is being billed as a murder mystery with a horror influence, in which the player is cast in the role of Inspector Jenks. A female student of Atlas, a controversial “business training course” with possible ties to a secretive religious cult, has been found dead in a lake near the location where the seminars take place. In the past, the shady organization has been accused of using techniques that border on mind control, and although initially ruled an accident, Jenks is assigned to investigate any possible role that Atlas might have played in the woman’s death.

The real intrigue, however (at least from a gameplay perspective), is that along with a few interface items such as a notebook and dialogue choices, the game will use on-location, full motion film for all of its scenes. Puzzles will revolve around interviewing suspects and trying to detect when they are lying, then confronting them about their contradictory statements in order to force them into telling the truth.

To bring Contradiction to life, Follin has taken to Kickstarter to rustle up a modest £3,000 budget. This is, in fact, a second attempt at funding after missing its original goal of £10,000. Interested gamers have until January 17 to contribute to this second campaign. A digital copy of the game can be had for £10.

The game is currently set for release in spring 2014, on PC and iPad. A release on Android is also planned, but not yet confirmed. More information about the project and the crowdfunding campaign can be found on Contradiction’s Kickstarter page.

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