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Indiegogo campaign taking reservations for Catmouth Island

Oslo-based Colonthree Enterprises hopes to bring some feline-flavored adventure gaming to your PC, Mac, and mobile devices early next year with the debut episode of Catmouth Island, currently seeking funding on Indiegogo.

Catmouth Island takes its name from the largest island in the game's fictional setting, Catface Islands, a chain of three islands that look like their name suggests. These islands have modern day technology, but they're completely cut off from the outside world for reasons unknown, though "every once in a while, a foreign cruise ship does come into port..." The game is described by the developer as a “3D exploration game” in which players take on the role of Mya, a short-shorts-wearing local with a hidden past.

As seen in the game's crowdfunding trailer, the artwork is reminiscent of the illustrative style used in titles such as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, while the bird's-eye view lends itself to the game's focus on exploration. The big mystery centers on the past, which will be revealed by interacting with the island denizens, exploring its locations, and clearing any puzzles in your path. With over 60 NPCs to interact with, players should have plenty of tidbits and trivia to piece together. The gameplay itself is described as traditional fare, calling out the "simple fetch quest” and “item combination” as lynchpins, but some puzzles will reportedly depend on the time of day in order to be completed.

With just two weeks to go, fundraising for Catmouth Island is well short of its goal of raising $10,000 by October 24, though Colonthree is using Indiegogo's “flexible funding” option, which means they'll get any money that's pledged whether they reach their goal or not. A $5 minimum pledge is required to receive a free downloadable copy of the game, but multiple backing tiers are available, including copies of the soundtrack, naming an NPC in the game, and even complete access to design docs, concept art, and top billing in the credits at the highest backing level.

To learn more about Catmouth Island, chart a course to the Indiegogo page for full details.

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