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First light shines on sci-fi indie Shadow of Nebula

Gamers who like a little sci-fi with their adventuring have a reason to smile today, as word of the indie-developed Shadow of Nebula, a third-person point-and-click game, just dropped out of hyperspace.

Currently in development by four-member Polish team kettleslayer, much of what we know so far about the plot involves its backstory: In the year 3102, humanity has managed to colonize the entire Milky Way galaxy, and the galactic powers-that-be desire a more effective way to control their far-flung citizenry. Following the discovery of a large, abandoned alien ship described by the developers as an “organic root”-like vessel, scientist Alfred Nebula deciphers the aliens' advanced technology, developing “nanobots” that have the capacity to heal the human body. Yet they also have the ability to affect the host’s “moods and thoughts” – just the kind of thing that the galactic government might be interested in. Horrified at the disastrous effects this could have on the galaxy-at-large, Nebula attempts to destroy all trace of his research.

Naturally, he misses a few key items, setting the stage for events in Shadow of Nebula.

The game itself takes place thirty years later and centers on Jack, a spaceship pilot who is waylaid by “space pirates” at the beginning of the game and forced to land on an ostensibly uninhabited planet named Venice Blue. The first goal will be to help Jack leave the planet, but as we all know, alien worlds that are supposed to be lifeless usually manage to have a few surprises in store, so players can expect challenges right from the start. In the course of the game, Jack will get caught up in events that threaten the entire human race, but the exact nature of this threat has not been revealed yet (might Nebula’s research play a role?).

In addition to a complex story, the developers promise some interesting gameplay features as well, including an environment known as “Cyberspace,” an all-digital world that can be explored at any time during the game, an in-game encyclopedia, as well as a “new way of using quick time events,” made to fit the game’s 2.5D perspective and controls. They also teased us with a mysterious “surprise,” but were not willing to reveal any details just yet.

Shadow of Nebula is tentatively scheduled to warp onto PC and Mac platforms in Winter 2014, with release on iOS and Android devices possible as well. In order to complete the game by then, however, the team has indicated that they are looking at a possible Indiegogo funding campaign in the “near future.”

For more information about the game, check out Shadow of Nebula’s official website or their Facebook fanpage.

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