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The Critter Chronicles, Haunted, and Primordia launch in flurry of new releases

If you're looking for some last-minute Christmas gift ideas, there's something new for the fantasy, supernatural comedy, and sci-fi adventure game lovers on your list with the release of The Critter Chronicles, Haunted, and Primordia, all in one glorious day.

The Critter Chronicles

The long awaited prequel to KING Art's acclaimed The Book of Unwritten Tales tells the story of how human treasure hunter Nate managed to find himself teamed up with the purple-haired Critter. In Critter's home village, an evil warlock is threatening the entire tribe, while Critter himself is hopelessly smitten by the chieftain's daughter. Seeing a way to help each other out, the two join forces for their first mutual adventure.

Currently available exclusively for download (a disc version is expected in the UK early next year), The Critter Chronicles can be found at popular download portals like The Adventure Shop, GOG.com, and Steam, currently at a discounted launch price at all three places.


The even longer-awaited supernatural adventure from Deck13 has been through a lot to reach this point, but at last the English localization has arrived. In this 19th century comic romp, a girl named Mary seeks her younger sister she previously presumed dead, and her special ability to see and talk to ghosts results in an oddball assortment of spectral companions joining her to "help" along the way. But they'll need to be quick, as the ruthless Professor Ashford is tracking their every move all the way from London to Transylvania, with several stops in between, and the fate of the entire spirit world may depend on their success.

Haunted is available now in both disc and downloadable versions from Viva Media, or download-only from GamersGate (and coming soon to The Adventure Shop).


In a desolate, post-apocalyptic future beyond mankind, only the robots survive in Wormwood Studios' Primordia. The story follows two particular bots, Horatio Nullbuilt (version 5) and his wisecracking, floating sidekick Crispin. When their precious power core is ruthlessly stolen, the two set out of a journey to retrieve it, but their search also yields "unexpected discoveries about Horatio's origins, his purpose, and the world he thought he understood."

For a short time longer, Primordia is available in disc form directly from the publisher, Wadjet Eye Games, after which only the download version will remain. The download version is also available now at GOG.com and Steam (one of the first entries voted in through the Greenlight program).

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