Red Johnson returns as One Against All next month

When you call a game "Chronicles", chances are there's going to be more than one, and that will soon be true of Lexis Numérique's Red Johnson, who returns next month in Red Johnson's Chronicles: One Against All.  And this time, he's coming to PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

In the first installment of this "puzzle-based investigation game set in a noir universe with dark humor", the titular private eye in Metropolis City investigated the murder of one of the most hated people in town.  While no plot details have yet been revealed, the sequel promises an all-new storyline that will force players to "use their brains as well as many tools in-game to analyze crime scenes and question witnesses." A new help system will also be included, and the motion capture animations enhanced. 

While the first game was originally released exclusively for PlayStation 3, the sequel will be launched on both Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network in mid-September. PC gamers may need to wait a bit longer, but it's for double the good news, as both the new game and the original Red Johnson's Chronicles will be available for Windows "soon".

Details on Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All

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