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Indie adventure washing ashore as The Sea Will Claim Everything

Indie developer Jonas Kyratzes has made quite a name for himself in the freeware adventure scene, releasing numerous quirky but memorable games over the years, but now Kyratzes is preparing to release his first commercial adventure in the form of The Sea Will Claim Everything.

A continuation of the "Lands of Dream" series, which includes The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge, The Book of Living Magic and The Fabulous Screech, the new game begins in Underhome, the "subterranean dwelling of the Mysterious-Druid family. This ancient place, a marvel of biotechnology, is inexplicably facing foreclosure, and your help is required. But as you will soon discover, there is more going on: Lord Urizen, a ruler from the mainland, is using the issue of debt to force his own policies on the people of the Isles. Fear and uncertainty rule the day – but perhaps an outsider can bring a different point of view to the situation."

The game features the same distinctive hand-drawn artwork as the series' previous games, and like all of Kyratzes's self-professed "eccentric and puzzle-light" offerings, The Sea Will Claim Everything promises to defy easy classification as either a "point and click adventure game or a narrative exploration game". One thing that is certain, however, is that it is guaranteed to deliver "lots of words. This is a game that is exploding with words. There are so many words in it that they’ll start seeping out into your brain. Some people complain about walls of text; well, this game is a city built out of such walls."

The Sea Will Claim Everything will be much bigger than any of Kyratzes's freeware adventures, but he's been working on the game for some time, and we may see it released as a download for a "very affordable" price as early as April.

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And there was much rejoicing! My only complain with the excellent Lands of Dream games was that they were too short, meaning that this forthcoming gem will indeed be perfect.

Excellent news indeed!

Mar 30, 2012
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