The Inner World set to burst out next year

There's a new comic adventure game now in production, though it will take a while to emerge, as Studio Fizbin's The Inner World is burrowing its way towards release sometime next year.

In a round hollow space deep within the earth lives a very peculiar nation of stripe-nosed Asposians. Nearly everything in Asposia is driven by the holy winds of the gods, but recently all of the sacred windwells have become still except one. Now "wind is becoming ever more scarce, the tiny flying Fosfos that illuminate Asposia hardly bestow their warming light anymore and the end of The Inner World seems unstoppable. Amidst this vortex of events, the simple court musician Robert – suddenly and unintentionally – holds the entire fate of the world of the winds in his hands."


As seen in the game's initial screenshot, The Inner World is a 2D third-person cartoon adventure with distinctive hand-drawn artwork. Designed "in the style of LucasArts adventures, but in a brand new guise", players control the flute-nosed Robert through this inner world of "clumsy, bizarre characters".

The Inner World is a planned episodic series due to be released initially on the App Store next year, with a PC version to follow. The game will be released in the developer's native German first, but according to producer Elke Daniels, an English-language version is intended for later in 2013.

Details on The Inner World

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