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First details of Relics 2 unearthed

When there's cursed objects lying around waiting to be found, there's no time to delay, so Bryan Wiegele and Subdued Games are already back to work on Relics 2.

The sequel to the recently-released Relics: Dark Hours continues Matthew Hunter's search for the cursed artifacts once stolen by his grandfather and sold by his father. Each item originally brings prosperity, but is followed in time by sickness and death. After locating the first in a rural high school, this time Matthew makes his way to an old salvage yard, which seems to be connected to a recent string of murders. But this time around, "Matthew deals with not only the shot-gun toting alcoholic owner of the decaying salvage yard, but something much more sinister lurks in the shadows, stalking him."


According to series designer Bryan Wiegele, filming for the second episode is already complete, with many improvements planned over the initial episode. There is no firm release date available yet, but Relics 2 is currently scheduled for launch some time in spring 2012.

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