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Memento Mori 2, Hollywood Crimes trailers detected at E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo kicked off today, which can only mean one thing: games, games, and more games, plus new trailers to match. The first adventures videos to debut this year are for Centauri Production's Memento Mori 2 and Ubisoft's Nintendo 3DS puzzler, James Noir's Hollywood Crimes.

Memento Mori 2

With the first screenshots unveiled for Guardians of Immortality just a few weeks ago, now a short teaser offers a further glimpse into the sequel to 2009's supernatural art-themed thriller. In the new game, returning protagonists Max and Lara are married, but their honeymoon is short-lived -- literally. Called in to investigate a recent art theft in Cape Town, South Africa, tragedy soon impacts the couple when Max is involved in a high-speed car accident. Max's body is never recovered but he is presumed dead, leaving a grieving Lara to return to Interpol headquarters in Lyon. Her next case, however, keeps turning up clues that hint that her husband may still be alive after all.

James Noir's Hollywood Crimes

We've yet to the see the first adventure released on Nintendo's new 3DS handheld, but at least one is getting closer to reality. Ubisoft today released a trailer for James Noir's Hollywood Crimes, a puzzle-intensive crime thriller set in 1961. Players assume the role of an expert puzzle-solver invited to participate in a popular TV game show. But a killer is now hunting down former contestants, and the FBI needs your help to find him. Alternating between the game show and real-world investigation, there are 150 different puzzles and 40 minigames offered up, taking particular advantage of the unique 3DS technology.

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