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Daedalic sets sights on Harvey’s New Eyes

What's an Edna & Harvey game without Edna? We'll find out soon enough, as Daedalic Entertainment has recently unveiled the first details about its upcoming "spin-off" adventure Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes.

Although word of a pseudo-sequel to Edna & Harvey: The Breakout has been circulating in Daedalic's native Germany for some time, today's announcement marks the first English-language details for the upcoming adventure, including the first batch of screenshots in the series' distinctive hand-drawn cartoon style.


Despite her name being in the title, the child in the images is not Edna, but the (human) star of the new game, Lilli. Living in a convent school, Lilli appears to be "the best-behaved little girl in the world" who tranquilly fulfills all her duties without complaint, even when they're unfair, and "any angry thoughts, any childlike disobedience is buried deep beneath a seemingly impenetrable surface of sweetness." But it's a serenity that can't possibly be real, giving rise to the obvious questions: "How long will these feelings stay hidden? And where do the friendly little gnomes come from that paint over everything unpleasant in Lilli’s vicinity with a pleasant pink color? Are they real or just a product of her subconscious?"

There are no firm release details for an English-language version of the game, but Daedalic is currently targeting a third-quarter release of Harvey's New Eyes in German-speaking territories. In the meantime, keep an eye on the recently updated Edna & Harvey website for further details.

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