Halloween video escapes from Asylum

Latest trailer offers chilling new glimpses inside Hanwell Mental Institute

What better time than Halloween for another harrowing visit to the Hanwell Mental Institute? At least, so the sick, twisted minds (in a good way) at Senscape believe, today unveiling the newest trailer for the upcoming horror adventure, Asylum.

Like the first teaser, the new video from the developer of Scratches takes players on a slow tour of the asylum, revealing a disturbing combination of impressive architecture, faded glories, and outright terror. From its vine-covered façade to the skull-lined specimen room to the scream-accompanied views of the blood-stained operating rooms, Hanwell is clearly not a place for either the weak-minded or the faint of heart.

We're still awaiting the first concrete details about Asylum's storyline, but to hear from one of the institute's tormented patients in the meantime, be sure to check out the official website.

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