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Trailers for Knights in Shining Armor, Face Noir joust for attention

Not one but two independent development teams have released trailers this week, as Mad Orange and Fluff Entertainment have unveiled the first videos of their respective games, Face Noir: The Cat with Jade Eyes and Knights in Shining Armor: Our King's Tale - Episode One.

Face Noir: The Cat with Jade Eyes

As you'd expect from its title, Face Noir is a gritty mystery set in the 1930s in the dark years of the Great Depression. In New York, private detective Jack Del Nero is low on money and down on his luck, and things are about to get a whole lot worse. When an ex-colleague is murdered, Jack is dragged into an escalating tale of trouble in his hunt for the cat with jade eyes. Mad Orange has unveiled two different trailers, including the one below that that highlights several of the key gameplay features. The second is a teaser emphasizing the game's storyline and noir atmosphere, which can be found at the newly-revamped official website or streamed from our YouYube video channel.

Knights in Shining Armor: Our King's Tale - Episode One

For fantasy fans, Knights in Shining Armor: Our King's Tale - Episode One not only offers the first live glimpse of the game in action, it comes with the promise of an imminent release date, as the game is due for downloadable release on September 28th. In the first part of this episodic series, co-developed by Fluff and Corbomite Games, players follow the story of young Prince Rupert in this travels through a dark medieval fantasy world. Rupert needs a queen, and desires the daughter of his toughest foe for a bride, but he'll first need to prove his worth by reaching her. Expect more news about the game's release at the official website in the coming weeks.

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