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Trailer brings Jekyll & Hyde to life

With Alter Ego already in its catalogue (though still awaiting an English release), now German publisher bitComposer is turning up the focus on its second multiple-personality adventure with the first teaser for Jekyll & Hyde.

Loosely based on the famous characters from Robert Louis Stevenson, Jekyll & Hyde casts players in both title roles. As Dr. Jekyll seeks an antidote for a 19th century plague, he unwittingly unleashes the monstrous Mr. Hyde, the darker, untamed version of himself. Now, the two unlikely "partners" must move deeper into London's mysterious underworld in an ongoing attempt to find a cure and uncover a dark occult sect in the process.

The video demonstrates some live-action footage of Jekyll. The game does promise to incorporate some "action- and skill-based elements" as well as classic adventuring, but we may not know for sure how much until its projected release this fall.

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