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Book of Unwritten Tales, Treasure Island to get English chapters

Two books of drastically different kinds are in the news today, as The Adventure Company has revealed its plans to publish Treasure Island and The Book of Unwritten Tales in October and November, respectively.

First up next month will be Treasure Island, a fairly faithful adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel. Not to be confused with Kheops Studio's Destination: Treasure Island, this game from Radon Labs tells the story of 17-year old Jim Hawkins, who stumbles on a mysterious map leading to the legendary treasure of Captain Flint. Jim's fellow crewmembers aren't the most trustworthy, however, as some are determined to keep the riches for themselves. For additional details, be sure to check out our preview of the game.

In November comes a game that's been highly regarded in its native Germany since its release earlier this year. KING Art's A Book of Unwritten Tales is a humorous homage to the fantasy classics of all media. The game features four playable heroes: a little gnome, an elf princess, a human adventurer and 'The Critter', a shaggy creatures who's since gone on to be the star of a prequel called The Critter Chronicles. Each character's skills are integral to overcoming obstacles, and some can only be solved by working together as a team. You'll find more information in our Book of Unwritten Tales preview.

The Adventure Company has been quiet for most of this year, so this news marks a welcome return to the genre for the once-prominent publisher. Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of both games in the coming weeks.


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