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Adam’s Venture gets underway in UK today

If you're in the UK, it's time to put on your spelunking boots, as today's release of Adam's Venture: Episode 1 - The Search for the Lost Garden is going to make you work for your rewards.

The Search for the Lost Garden is the debut of a new episodic series that puts players in the titular role of Adam Venture. During an excavation, Adam discovers an ancient scroll that seems to point to the precise location of the biblical Eden, and when approached by a corporation that is willing to fund the expedition to find it, Adam sets off on the journey of a lifetime, along with a little help from his girlfriend, his dog, and Professor Jacques Saint Omar.

A free-roaming, full 3D adventure created with the Unreal 3 engine, Adam's Venture will feature keyboard-controlled "action-oriented" gameplay, requiring players to engage in physical activities like running and jumping and climbing, but Dutch developer Vertigo Games claims that the game has many puzzles to solve and has much more in common with traditional adventure games than the action-adventures it appears to resemble.

While Adam's Venture is planned as an ongoing series, The Search for the Lost Garden is a "standalone" episode, and should be available at all major UK retailers soon.

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This game recently got released… Looks nice but I’d like some comments on it first… Anyone?

Oct 17, 2009
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