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Casebook III sheds two preview trailers ahead of upcoming release

If the longer-than-expected delay of Casebook's third episode wasn't enough to make anxious for the FMV mystery series to continue, the two new trailers for Snake in the Grass should help build anticipation for the game's release next month.

The new investigation takes you (as the silent partner) and Detective James Burton to the small town of Garden, where a murder has occurred at the local chapel. Burton is convinced that an old nemesis is somehow behind the crime, but all signs point to another guilty party, so it'll be up to players to help determine the truth to ensure that justice is truly served.

The first trailer is a live-action film clip of an interview between Burton and an imprisoned man who claims that it was God who instructed him to make a cold-blooded "sacrifice", no questions asked. The second trailer sees Burton confronting his adversary with his suspicions. It should be noted, however, that this video includes spoilers for Episode II, so those who haven't played that game may want to avoid watching.

Now's a good time to get caught up on Casebook if you're new to the series. In preparation for the new installment's release on October 30th, both of the first two episodes are now on sale for half price at the developer's website, where you can also find a free standalone demo episode called "The Missing Urn".

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i hope they put more gameplay into the series with this delay. i did enjoy the previous ones, but less for the gameplay and more for the story and the cheesy FMV. should be relatively easy to make at least a hidden object game out of the series which would be more than it had been so far.

Sep 30, 2009

Can’t wait! Detective Burton is one of the best! Smile

Sep 29, 2009
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