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Puzzle Bots on assembly line for fall release

First there were the Nanobots, and now Erin Robinson is moving on to bigger and better things in her first commercial adventure, Puzzle Bots.

Well, maybe not entirely bigger, as the playful stars of Puzzle Bots are tiny robots who find themselves literally in over their heads in an unexpected adventure. Each creation at Dr. Hugo’s Factory for Making Robots has a unique personality and special ability of its own, and players will need to utilize them all in this "epic journey full of curious animals, mischievous children and sleep-deprived scientists."

According to Robinson, better known as "The Ivy" during her acclaimed freeware development years that also produced Spooks, Puzzle Bots is a point-and-click adventure that will challenge players to solve puzzles that use "familiar objects at an unfamiliar scale", with even common objects becoming giant obstacles for the diminutive bots. The likes of Hero, Ibi, and Bombchelle, among others, will need to work together if they're to avoid the many dangers confronting them and answer the perplexing questions they encounter, including what's so weird about the factory layout.

Due for release some time this fall, Puzzle Bots also represents the debut third-party publishing endeavour by Wadjet Eye Games, now branching out from its own popular Blackwell series to support fellow independents. For more information about the game and its many colourful characters, be sure to pop over to the official website as well as Robinson's Lively Ivy site.

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