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Bite-sized Dracula: Origin demo released

With the international release of Dracula: Origin close at hand, now you can check out the vampiric adventure from Frogwares for yourself in the new playable demo.

Dracula: Origin is a return to third-person, point-and-click adventuring for Frogwares, after a few free-roaming 3D Sherlock Holmes games. In the new game, players are cast in the role of famed vampire hunter Professor Van Helsing. Already determined to kill Dracula, now Van Helsing must stop the Count from finding an ancient manuscript that will allow him to raise the soul of his former love back to life.

The demo takes place early in the game, as Van Helsing learns of a disturbing series of murders in the vicinity that he believes will lead him to Dracula.

The 600 MB demo can be downloaded directly from the publisher or from standard download sites like GamersHell.

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