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Wadjet Eye project updates spotted on vidcast

If you've been wondering what's going on at Wadjet Eye Games these days, Dave Gilbert is now offering a news update on a video podcast. While light on details, the video does offer a promising status report of Blackwell Convergence, plus teases of a new outside indie project being financed by the company.

In the nearly seven minute vidcast, Gilbert explains that most of his own time has been occupied in recent months by the as-yet-still-unspecified project underway in conjunction with Playfirst. While that has meant an inevitable delay to the third installment of the Blackwell series, Gilbert has taken the opportunity to completely revamp the artwork for the game, starting over from scratch with a new studio, Luminous Arts, now providing full-time work on the game's backgrounds and Shane Stevens handing the characters. These improvements to the graphics do not, Gilbert insists, mean that the game is moving away from its low-resolution retro look.

Meanwhile, Wadjet Eye is also now dabbling in the field of publishing itself, as the video teases of an independent project that will be financed by the company but not developed by Gilbert himself. The only information provided is that the developer has worked with Gilbert on a previous Wadjet Eye title, and while still early in its design phase, more details could be revealed about the project sometime in June.

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