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Sol705 campaign

Ghost hunting “case files” of The Lost Crown unveiled

We've all heard of "making of" videos, but for Jonathan Boakes and his newest ghost hunting adventure, The Lost Crown, going behind the scenes involves a personal pursuit of real paranormal phenomena. Now gamers can share in some of his first-hand discoveries, as Got Game has unveiled two "case files" detailing Boakes' possibly-otherworldly experiences at the Hare & Crow Pub and Blackentrack Woods.

In Case File: 011, Boakes and two others, including Barrow Hill creator Matt Clark, investigated the strange disturbances at a remote pub afflicted by unusual accidents, disruptive nighttime noises, and mysterious black hairs whose continued reappearance cannot be accounted for. Over the course of one night, the group either personally experienced or videotaped moving lights, shadows, unexplained noises and an abrupt temperature drop, having ensured that no human or animal presence could interfere with the findings.

In Case File: 009, Boakes and a different pair of companions set out for the Blackentrack Woods in southeast Cornwall, an area boasting legends from "tales of white witches seeking ingredients for charms, to malicious wood sprites and murderous moss men." On Halloween night, the trio were victims of light but painful physical attacks from unknown and unseen assailants, and walked out of the woods a little worse for wear with a curious EMF spike and disturbing electronic voice recording in hand.

While Boakes' reports merely ask questions and offer theories rather than draw conclusions about paranormal phenomena, real life experiences such as these clearly influenced his approach to The Lost Crown, and various elements of both cases were incorporated into the "fictional" events of the new game.

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