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Coast is clear for Jack Keane playable demo

It's been a productive week for Jack Keane. First came the announcement that the swashbuckling new adventure from Deck13 had found a North American publisher, and now today 10tacle Studios has launched a playable demo of the game.

The demo includes the first four levels of the comic adventure, introducing the main characters and setting up the premise for the full game. After a bit of creative escape artistry in London, which sees Jack fleeing the clutches of thugs looking for payback (one way or the other), Jack accepts a seemingly simple mission to escort a secret agent to the mysterious Tooth Island in the Indian Ocean. After a brief stopover in Capetown, however, Jack eventually finds himself "facing off against carnivorous plants, battling an army of crazed apes, encountering a beautiful and morally ambiguous bounty hunter named Amanda, and ultimately taking on the evil mad scientist Dr. T to decide the fate of the British Empire."

The 640 MB demo is available directly from the Jack Keane website.

If you like what you see, the wait for the full game isn't much longer, as the game is due to release in various parts of Europe in early March, and a month later in North America.

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