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Myst Online season finale starts an Exodus

It may be the end of a season, but today's launch of "Exodus" on GameTap marks the start of an all-new Age in Myst Online: Uru Live.

The final episode of the first season offers plenty of new content, highlighted by the Age of Ahnonay, described as an Age of "deception, mystery and visual wonders spanning thousands of years", in which players will "witness the deterioration of a rugged landscape as they travel through time to uncover the truth." Along with Ahnonay comes the release of K'veer and Myst Islands, which should be familiar to fans of the series.

The developing storyline also has some dramatic moments in "Exodus". The D'ni Restoration Council must now deal with the Bahro creatures, whose presence raises crucial questions about whether the Bahro War will bring destruction to the cavern, and whether the DRC should fund further restoration work.

To help introduce new players into the Uru Live experience, GameTap has also created a free trial offer. Details of the free downloadable version can be found at the Myst Online website, along with information to help players catch up on the first season's episodic content.

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I believe you need to register for a TapID  and download the Gametap player (I think you could play without a TapID but I think having it gives you a few more options).  If you’re having problems, there’s a link on that page to ask for help.  Since I live in the US, I don’t know how registering will go for you.  I would contact Gametap if you have any problems and/or you can ask for help in the Hints forum. Smile

Nov 4, 2007

Any way I can become a free explorer if I live outside Canade & USA?

Nov 4, 2007
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