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Yoomurjak’s Ring prepares to roll onto international stage

Not content to rest on its latest AGON laurels, Private Moon is also busy making news with its other long-anticipated project, unveiling both a trailer and playable demo for Yoomurjak's Ring.

The FMV adventure created as a tourism vehicle for the Hungarian town of Eger was released last year in Hungary, but no broader publishing plans were pursued at that time. However, with the recent completion of The Lost Sword of Toledo, the developers are now ready to prepare Yoomurjak's Ring for international markets. Firmly rooted in Eger's history and recorded using live actors speaking Hungarian, international localization of Yoomurjak's Ring is no small matter for the developers, and a decision to provide full voice dubbing or localized subtitles has yet to be determined, being a matter best left for discussion with prospective publishers.

Sure to help create interest in the game, Private Moon has now released a 30 MB trailer that can be downloaded directly (a smaller version is available for streaming from the official website). Better still is a playable demo, weighing in at almost 650 MB. At this stage, the demo is only available through direct links, though it should appear later in the downloads section of the website.

For more information about Yoomurjak's Ring, be sure to check out our preview of the game.

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Just took a (very) brief look at the demo. It has hungarian speech but fully english menus and subtitles. The movie-like intro is nice but it and the panoramic screens had just a bit too much compression noise in my opinion. It’s also a bit peculiar to hear the supposedly american Jonathan use hungarian to himself and his american (ex-)girlfriend. Those are minor issues though, it looks pretty good overall.

Oct 12, 2007
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