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Trailer caravan rolls out of GC

With the end of any prominent convention comes an onslaught of new screenshots, previews, and game information, and this year's Games Convention is certainly no exception. In fact, the trailers are now coming so fast and furious that the only way to keep pace is to round them all up together.

With more attention to adventures on consoles this year than any in recent memory, Nintendo is well represented in today's lineup. First up is a 112 MB movie for Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure, providing a somewhat humourous look at how the game handles with the unique Wii controls. Zack & Wiki is sure to create plenty of is-it-or-isn't-it debate about being an adventure, and perhaps the only thing we can say for sure right now is that it's something new altogether.

Not one, but two original DS adventures can now be seen in action for the first time. The first is Undercover: Dual Motives, the WWII-themed prequel to the upcoming PC adventure, Operation Wintersun. The Dual Motives video is available in both 32 MB and 74 MB versions. Also making its first public appearance is Nancy Drew's debut DS adventure, The Deadly Secret of Olde World Park. Unlike Her Interactive's long-running PC series, Nancy's new handheld adventure by Gorilla Systems puts the plucky teen detective front and center on screen. This trailer is also available in two formats, including a 9 MB QuickTime version and an 11 MB mpeg movie.

Not to be outdone by its console contemporaries, however, the PC is also making its presence felt on the adventure front. Among the new highlights are videos for Inhabited Island: The Earthling, a 38 MB teaser of the first-person adventure based on the best-selling book by the Strugatsky brothers, plus the first significant looks at The Abbey and Art of Murder: FBI Confidential. The 164 MB video of The Abbey introduces the third-person adventure in which players assume the role of the Grand Inquisitor Leonardo and his assistant Bruno, called in to investigate a series of mysterious murders in an old abbey in the Middle Ages. The 34 MB movie for Art of Murder, meanwhile, provides a glimpse of the new modern day adventure starring young FBI agent Nicole Bonnet, who must solve a murder mystery of her own, though in her case it's a series of violent killings of wealthy and influential citizens.

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