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Penumbra: Overture emerges from shadow in North America

Horror fans in North America can start bracing themselves for perilous thrills, icy chills, and a little heavy lifting to boot, as Got Game has now shipped Episode One of Penumbra: Overture to retailers.

The first installment of a planned trilogy, the debut offering from Swedish developer Frictional Games introduces players to Philip, a man who receives a letter from a father he'd believed dead for decades. The letter leads Philip to the frigid climes of Greenland, where he's forced to find shelter through a mysterious underground hatch. From there, players will need to guide Philip through a dark and dangerous series of tunnels to "solve the secrets of the enigmatic inhabitants and unravel the mysteries of his father's death."

Unlike standard point-and-click adventures, a key component of Penumbra: Overture is its emphasis on physics, requiring players to interact more directly with the environment. And along with an assortment of traditional puzzles, elements of stealth and combat are involved in what Got Game describes as a "genre-blurring" title that combines "the mechanics of a first-person shooter with the puzzles and story of an adventure game."

Penumbra: Overture has a "Mature" rating and will be available in North America for $19.99 USD. For additional information about the game, check out the official website.

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