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Fatman returns, fatter than ever

I'm not sure where a caped crusader with a beer gut and leotards goes to hide, but it's been a while since we've seen much of Fatman, the out-of-shape superhero who debuted in 2003's The Adventures of Fatman. After becoming the first-ever commercial release made with the Adventure Game Studio engine, Fatman's retail sales were discontinued later the same year, and SOCKO! Entertainment has been quiet ever since.

It seems SOCKO! was only taking a standing eight-count, however, as the indie developer recently re-emerged with Fatman in tow, offering a Special Edition of The Adventures of Fatman and revealing plans for a new Fatman adventure later this year. The re-release is available for $14.99 (US, worldwide shipping included) from the official website, and highlights include an alternate new ending, re-mastered backgrounds, additional easter eggs, and a handful of behind-the-scenes extras.

Better yet, Fatman will be back to foil criminals and junk food once again in Fatman S.O.S. Shadowlawn's superheroes and supervillains alike are disappearing, and it's up to Fatman and his new support team of Aqua-Babe, Super-Speedy, and the Cyborg-inator to solve the mystery and restore order.

Fatman S.O.S. is currently scheduled for release near the end of 2007.

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