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Two new Tony Tough videos released

With Tony Tough: A Rake's Progress poised to hit store shelves in Germany, publisher ANACONDA has released two different trailers for the upcoming comic adventure.

The 15 MB movie is a teaser that offers a peek into the world of Tony Tough 2 -- quite literally, as it's shown entirely through a keyhole. The 17 MB video sets the stage for the game's opening mystery, as the small New Mexico town of Washington has just seen its population drop to a whopping 21. Young Tony will soon investigate, but first things first, as he's overslept and must get to school on time.

A Rake's Progress is a prequel to the 2002 adventure Tony Tough and the Night of the Roasted Moths. Players will once again control Tony, though this time it's the year 1953, and our nerdy, nasal-toned hero is only thirteen years old. Like its predecessor, the new game is a third-person, point-and-click adventure, though this time it's rendered in 3D, with a unique art style befitting its small town desert location.

For now, this is all there is to see of Tony outside of German-speaking countries, as there's no word yet on international releases.

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