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The Blackwell Legacy mini-series announced

A new company called Wadjet Eye Games has been founded by independent developer Dave Gilbert, and the first project announced is an episodic series called The Blackwell Legacy.

Gilbert, best known for his freeware adventure Two of a Kind and fresh off his first commercial release, The Shivah, will once again seek to create a game with distinctly old school adventure gameplay and presentation.

The new miniseries builds on the story and characters first introduced in another Gilbert freeware title called Bestowers of Eternity. It stars a medium named Rosangela Blackwell, a reclusive would-be writer in New York City, and her "spirit guide", a ghost named Joey Mallone. In each episode, this unlikely pair will be called upon to "assist tormented spirits and investigate supernatural events." Their first adventure will see them confronted by an unexplained series of student suicides at a local university.

Each episode will focus on a standalone investigation, so it won't be necessary to play each game in sequence, though an emerging backstory will provide a connection between episodes for those who do. Each game will cost $14.99 USD and be available as a download directly from the Wadjet Eye website, though the company is also exploring the possibility of a boxed version. The current plan is to release a new episode every 4-5 months.

Gilbert also hinted at new adventures starring The Shivah's Rabbi Stone, though no details are available at this time. In the meantime, The Blackwell Legacy is due for release on December 16, 2006.

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