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Ben Jordan 5 RELAESED!1!! (No, really)

The Ben Jordan series has developed into some of the most popular underground adventure games made. The fourth entry in the series, Horror at Number 50, won the 2005 AGS Award for Best Game.

This high profile makes the Ben Jordan games a natural target for spoofs and pranks, which is what appeared to have happened yesterday. A post in the AGS Forums declared that "BEN JORDAN 5 IS FINITO'D!!" and directed people to download the eagerly anticipated game from a site showing a crudely drawn "screenshot". An obvious April Fools' joke, right?

Well, yes, but at the expense of those considering themselves too cunning to be tricked. People who actually downloaded and tried the game discovered that this was in fact the real thing. Francisco "Grundislav" Gonzalez made the proper announcement the next day.

The fifth Ben Jordan game, Land of the Rising Dead, can be downloaded from the Grundislav Games website.

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