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AGON collection comes to CD-ROM in March

For those who passed on the AGON adventure series due to its download-only format, good news is expected next month. Viva Media announced today that AGON: The Mysterious Codex will be hitting North American store shelves in March for both PC and Mac. The Codex includes the first three episodes of the series at a retail price of $20 USD.

AGON is an episodic adventure that follows the exploits of Professor Samuel Hunt as he travels the globe in search of twelve accursed games. Developed by Private Moon Studios, the Codex features the introductory episode based in London, and the first two standalone expeditions to the Arctic north and the tropical shores of Madagascar. Along with the larger adventure, PC players will be treated to playable versions of two obscure board games, Tablut and Fanorona, available both for single player and online competition.

For more information about the individual episodes, be sure to check out our previous reviews, or download playable demos for all three episodes from the developer's website. Episode four, Lost Sword of Toledo, is due out later this year.

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