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Classic LucasArts adventure now on Nintendo DS

The DS homebrew community, dedicated to making various applications available on Nintendo's latest handheld, has just ported the famous ScummVM to the Nintendo DS.

ScummVM has long been used as a means of running the old LucasArts adventures, along with others such as Revolution's classics. It had been discussed that the Nintendo DS might be perfectly suited to playing old point and click adventures. This is in the process of becoming a reality. Maybe a bit of a distant reality, as the port is only taking its first little baby steps to completion. It can currently only run The Secret of Monkey Island, but being able to run everything isn't far away, according to the developer.

Also, right now, the only way to actually run this on your Nintendo DS is getting a special cartridge for the DS, a flash cartridge for the GBA or a specific wireless card to connect to the DS wirelessly.

It's the first step of many, though. One thing's certain: we're a whole lot closer to being able to play classic adventures on a Nintendo DS.

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