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Sol705 campaign

Fenimore Fillmore 3 officially announced

As we posted in February, the third chapter in the Fenimore Fillmore series is in production, and was originally scheduled for release this autumn. Much has changed since then, and today Revistronic is officially announcing their latest western adventure, subtitled Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge. The game is now scheduled for release in Q2 2006.

In a surprising twist, Revistronic announced that their next adventure will take on a slightly different direction than The Westerner, as the cartoonish touch has been replaced with a much more adult and gritty look. In an atmosphere and script reminiscent of a classic spaghetti western, the main characters Rhiannon and Fenimore are still recognizable, though they seem to have matured a whole lot since the last game. Much of The Westerner's (Wanted in the States) caricatured humour has been replaced with a general harder expression and sarcasm.

Revistronic is surely going to annoy adventure game purists with their agenda to innovate the genre, adding more shootings, action-sequences and other elements in order to "bring to the adventure genre a greater dynamism". However, the game will still be a 3D point & click, and allow players to play as both Rhiannon and Fenimore.

The first piece of artwork can be seen over at Adventure-Europe.

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