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Latest Uru reviews (updated)

Gamezone gave Uru: Ages Beyond Myst a score of 9.3 and an Editor's Choice Award:

"The graphics in Uru are incredible. The world of the D’ni is huge and beautifully rendered. The different stages in the game look amazing, with brilliant design, amazing lighting effects and great looking textures. The character models are also well rendered and look and move very naturally.

...Uru’s deep story and great puzzles easily make it one of the best adventure games of the year. The fully 3D gameplay is a first for the series, and the proposed multiplayer aspects sound very promising. The third-person view falls prey to some camera issues, but these can be taken care of by switching the view to first-person."

Read the full review here.

Gameplanet.com.nz has just posted their review of Uru, 4.5/5 and a rating of 'Excellent':

"If you liked the previous Myst titles then this is a no-brainer decision. Uru offers you more of the same style of gameplay updated in a new engine. Grab it because you will enjoy both the puzzles but also the revelations the game brings on the back history of D'ni and its peoples. Otherwise if you can handle a game where it is impossible to die and brains, not brawn or firepower, is required to progress then you should enjoy this game. Cyan has created a wonderful experience that promises to continue almost indefinitely with it's online component. Even stand alone it is an excellent entry in the Myst series."

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