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Revolutions moves away from point-and-click

Christina and I had a meeting with Charles Cecil, managing director of Revolution Software. He showed us some new Broken Sword 3 screens and demo-ed a prototype of Broken Sword 2 for the GBA. Revolution sees the GBA as an ideal platform for adventure games and they may consider more ports in the future, if the Broken Sword ones turn out to be successful. Charles elaborately explained the company's vision and told us a lot about BS3's new interface, which they believe will render the classic point-and-click interface obsolete. We were assured that BS3 would not be an action/adventure. Adventure game purists should be glad to hear that there will be absolutely no guns in the game. The action elements mentioned in the original press release actually refer to exploration-based puzzles and some Shenmue-style action sequences where the player is required to make decisions at certain critical points. Those bits are included purely for dramatic reasons. Charles Cecil had to tell us a lot and it was great fun talking to him. We are definitely convinced that Broken Sword 3 is the most promising adventure game currently on the horizon.

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