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Reader reviews for Toonstruck

Adventure Gamers Reader reviews, read what other adventure gamers think of Toonstruck.

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Stars - 35

Rating by Karlok posted on Mar 12, 2016 | edit | delete

Stars - 50

Rating by SoccerDude posted on Mar 22, 2015 | edit | delete

Stars - 40

Rating by LiloneePetra2015 posted on Mar 8, 2015 | edit | delete

Stars - 45

Rating by TheGRiM posted on Sep 1, 2014 | edit | delete

Stars - 50

Rating by Bogi posted on Jul 24, 2014 | edit | delete

Stars - 30

Rating by Pegbiter posted on Apr 10, 2014 | edit | delete

Stars - 35

Rating by wiadp1 posted on Mar 25, 2014 | edit | delete

Stars - 45

Rating by Dominus posted on Feb 12, 2014 | edit | delete

Stars - 50

Rating by ercan01 posted on Oct 23, 2013 | edit | delete

Stars - 50

Rating by rustyiron posted on Oct 22, 2013 | edit | delete

one of the best

Well, I haven’t seen such quality since I played Day of the Tentacle and I assure you this one is in the same league. First of all, cartoon graphics are cartoony in the true sense of the word, we talk about warner brothers level here. The performance of Cristopher “Emmet Brown” Lloyd also shines as usual, it was great to have him as a playable character. Puzzle difficulty and variety is exactly right, challenge awaits, solving puzzles brings satisfaction and it never frustrates too much to make you want to quit. Of course there is this sliding thing, but you don’t have to solve it unless you make a real mistake. Sidekick reminded me Max with his bizarre comments and aimless walks, I’d love to have him in the second part, too. You also meet many interesting characters from an over-disciplined guard to a masochistic cow. Music mostly consists of well known classical pieces such as “In the Hall of the Mountain King” and it perfectly suits to the cartoony atmosphere. Shortly, there is everything an adventure fan can ask of, deserves nothing less than five stars.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours

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