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Maniac Mansion TV show?


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Joined 2017-01-12


Sorry if there’s a thread about this, I couldn’t find one. I just found out there was a TV show based on the game made in the 1980s, with 66 episodes made. Wow! How come I never heard about this? Has anyone watched it?



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Joined 2005-10-23


I don’t know anything about it. What is the title? By whom was it made? When? Who played in it? Can I find it on YouTube?


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An adventure game is nothing more than a good story set with engaging puzzles that fit seamlessly in with the story and the characters, and looks and sounds beautiful.
Roberta Williams

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Joined 2004-03-18


I tried watching a bit back in the day since I loved the game. It has little to do with the game other than there being a weird family named Edison. What I watched I didn’t like, but I was a kid and didn’t give it much of a chance.


The Wikipedia entry is interesting. The show was made by a lot of SCTV (famous Canadian comedy troupe) alums and was somewhat well-reviewed by critics at the time.

Video game critics, as explained in the wiki, do not like it, but they’re mostly looking for connections to the game which aren’t there.

Don’t watch it hoping for connections to the game, but do watch it if you want to try a strange early ‘90s “family sitcom” to see if it holds up.


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Joined 2017-04-16


Oh my god. I didn’t know about this. I don’t know what to think. Neutral


Adrian, 25 yo, Massachusetts

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