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Adventure Game Scene of the Day - Monday 05 January 2015


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TIME-TRAVEL - Week Special

For everyone that celebrates the season, today is the 12th & last day of Christmas but already a new year is upon us the beginning of which is a significant reminder of the one-way only passage of time which to me seems to be hurtling forward at an alarming rate!

What lies ahead has always been of interest throughout the centuries borne out by the many methods of divination, inventions & theories as are past events passed down by word of mouth, written down, photographed, filmed etc which in turn have fuelled the imagination of the literary & media worlds to produce works that immerse us in either past or future environments.

However Karlok & I this week would like to present some games where the fantastical notion of travelling between the past, present & future is brought to life!


In Louvre: The Final Curse (2000) a.k.a. The Messenger you play in 1st person perspective as Morgan Sinclair who travels from the present day to the 14th, 17th & 18th centuries to try & locate 4 objects representing the elements known as Satan’s Keys before they fall into the wrong hands.

I bought the PS version of the game when it 1st came out, loved the story but even more seeing the changes to the Louvre site in the different eras which was apparently portrayed with some historical accuracy.   


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Aside from having to visit the inventory trunks frequently because I forgot to put a needed item in my personal inventory, I enjoyed playing The Messenger.  The “good” ending was rather abrupt, and some of the timed sequences were a bit annoying, but I also enjoyed visiting the Louvre in different time periods.


I keep hitting the escape button, but somehow I’m still here.

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