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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Sunday 2 March 2014


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Joined 2003-10-05


Yesterday (2012) is another game by Pendulo Studios, the makers of the Runaway games. I admit I haven’t been paying much attention to adventure game news lately, so does anyone know what is up with these guys? Do they still exist? If so, are they making anything new? Anyway, I liked the darker subject matter of this title. It was a nice change of pace from their usual output.


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they exists , yes/no , Yesterday was their last adventure .they threw Kickstarter campaign the same year Day One .Trailer#2 ,but failed .
I guess you will be amazed how it didn’t work since I loved this game’s trailer ,and it was a very impressive KS trailer for me ,still wondering how great game (Day One), it would have been


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Bastich - 01 March 2014 11:09 PM

so does anyone know what is up with these guys?

I think we are many that are asking the same question, the latest news on there own site is more than a year old.


You have to play the game, to find out why you are playing the game! - eXistenZ

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