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Finding an Old Edutainment Game

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Hey all,

I’ve been trying to find a game that my brother and I played years ago (at least 7 years). If you guys could help us out, that would be great.

It was a game that took place in Ancient Mesopotamia, an the entire goal was to travel around from city to city (eg. Carthage, Cairo, etc.) and trade the goods from the city you started out in. The items you purchased could be traded for more (or less) money in the other cities. You could upgrade your house in each city, and while you were traveling on foot from city to city, you could meet some robbers who would try to rob you. You would defend against them by playing a small mini-game that would try to defeat them by throwing rocks at them.

We think that the title of the game is a date, like 30 B.C. or 30 A.D. or 3 A.D. or something like that. Obviously, we’ve googled and researched items like this, but since we think that the title is a date…. it’s almost impossible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Google is still your friend, that brought me to MobyGames.
I searched for Mesopotamia.

and found this:
(not an adventure game, if so you posted in the wrong forum)

and this:



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I know for a fact that it isn’t Civ, as we still play that constantly. I’ll check out the Atlantis one, but that came out in ‘07, and I’m almost positive we played the game earlier than that. Thanks for your help though!


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Not Mesopotamia, and it doesn’t look like the game you’re searching, but there’s Egypt 1156 B.C..
It’s the only adventure game I could find with ‘B.C.’ in the title… Tongue


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