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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Monday 3 December 2012


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Anyone remember Jewels of the Oracle? It was a mid-90s first-person puzzler (with very little by way of story and exploration). I remember this puzzle in particular: you had these 12 items and you had to group them into 6 pairs. If there was a logic to the pairs beyond “read the developer’s mind”, I never found it (though not for lack of trying for hours and hours). And it doesn’t seem anyone ever did: you can find the solution on the Internet, but no explanation for it.


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Yep, I remember Jewels of the Oracle very well. It had some nice puzzles, but those pairs drove me insane. There was a sequel, which I own but haven’t played.  Meh


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I played Jewels of the Oracle and Jewels 2 and enjoyed them both.  I do remember being frustrated by the matching pairs puzzle because the more obvious combinations didn’t seem to work.  I started thinking along the lines of shape and function and after a lot of trial and error, came up with the correct pairs.

Edit:  These are the correct combinations in hard mode and what I think is the rationale behind them:

Bowl/Chest - containers
Bracelet/Comb - for adornment
Brush/Hammer - have handles
Chisel/Dagger - both cut
Quern/Sickle - both break something down into smaller pieces
Statue/Table - one supports the other


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