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Shawn Mills’ Insightful Sierra Retrospective

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Joined 2018-01-07


While Mr. Mills is a professional journalist, I was still surprised by the insight and thoughtful analysis expressed in his article series. Balancing his obvious admiration for Sierra with a clear-eyed gaze concerning this most human enterprise seems no simple task. I thank him for this work (perhaps a longer examination of early gaming could be coaxed out of him?) and for the warm glow of memories this work gave me.

I played all of the Sierra works on a number of early platforms. They were of variable quality, but they existed; I was grateful.

So, Mr. Mills, if you have any more insight into current vs. early gaming, I would love to read it.

Gerry M. Allen


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Joined 2013-11-24


Oh wow, thanks so much. Yeah, I kinda have a soft spot for Sierra games, that’s probably obvious! It was certainly a lot of fun talking with so many of my gaming legends! I’ve got a few ideas for future articles so keep an eye out!


You are likely to be eaten by a grue. Not me though, a different grue.


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Joined 2012-01-02


Really, great five retrospective episodes, that show how good people still remember and paying respect to their’ (our) childhood most valuable entertainment venue.

as i add my respect to Shawn dont wanna forget his Pals (who also tried all of them to bring Sierra back into scoop before Activation played their Ace and dominated Sierra for good) BT, Lambonius, Mulvale for their effort and commitment to Sierra.


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