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So its amazing how SE turned Final Fantasy XIV around with ARR

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Not sure how many mmo players we have here, but im also a big time mmo fan and have been since the ultima days…but primarily it all took off for me with Everquest, Asherons Call and Dark Age of Camelot. Those games were my all time greats, but of course ive been to all of them pretty much at some point or another.

But with that said, I bought FF14 last year with such excitement only to find it to be probably the worst mmo I had ever touched in so many ways.

I vowed to never play it again, however recently had some people egg me on to try A Realm Reborn and I have to say that SE has turned this game around completely. Im hooked…absolutely hooked on it. Its the FF14 I was hoping for when I bought it at launch.

But yea…if you are on the fence about it, give it a try and I think youll be happy to see the differences.


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I loved FF 7 amd FF 8 in the day. I’ve heard that they really turned FF14 around. Good to hear - I’m going to get some HD remasters of FF games later this year.



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The Final Fantasy series is near and dear to my heart so I’m always happy to see it associated with something positive which hasn’t always been the case recently.


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I heard about this and was happy, I never even tried FFXIV because of all the bad publicity it got. Will try it at some point but wont touch another MMO for a while now.


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