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Memento Mori 2 - Act 4 (WARNING: SPLOILER)

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Joined 2014-06-09


Hi everybody, i love this game since MM1 and MM2 is also great. However, I managed myself and stucking at the Chinese Restaurant on act 4 where i have to find Burke. I can only find 3 tables with code digits (as Lara), the final one (as Keira) on the second floor however is overthrew (i don’t know this is game machanic or a bug), still i can’t get the code to proceed.
I’ve watched many walkthrough videos of this part, but unlike me, the table is not fallen off so they can check the code on the table
Can someone help me with this, please ?



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Joined 2008-10-18


When you stand near the overthrown table at the second floor swith the flashlight-/UV-lamp to UV light. Then look at the overthrown table. Keira can now see a bloody hand print. Look at it and Keira turns up the table, finds the numbers and can take a photo.


You are here: HomeForum Home → Gaming → Hint Requests & Technical Problems → Thread

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