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stuck in Necronomicon the dawn of darkness and think it is glitch

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Joined 2007-06-30


I am at a pretty easy part of the game, where all you need is some items.

I just killed edgar, and I took his key and am supposed to get 5 items: statue, necronomicon, package, tag/label and newspaper

after you get the items, a cutscene should happen at your house and a new location appear. but that does not happen.

now, I did pick up the label a long time ago (who does not pick up everything you can?) I can’t use any items, and the youtube walkthrough made this look automatic…

this is frustrating because the save game system means I have to restart whole game or figture out what is wrong….



You are here: HomeForum Home → Gaming → Hint Requests & Technical Problems → Thread

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