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Football Game  2018

1987. You are Tommy, a local high school footballing hero. The town of East Bend is your playground. It’s game night for the Purchase County Turbines and your sweetheart is waiting in the bleachers. Join Tommy for a night that you won’t forget. Something is amiss…

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Sumatra  2018

You are Yandi, a villager who works for the Pandang Logging Company deep in the Sumatran jungle. An accident leaves you stranded and alone. You must survive, you must escape. Along the way you’ll meet a multitude of jungle beasts, tribes-people, scientists and nefarious loggers. Can Yandi ...

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Legend of Hand  2017

After winning a regional tournament in a Far-East inspired land, a martial artist is summoned by the Grand Masters and given a quest. Beyond the mainland of this region, there are a series of isolated islands that are beginning to show unrest. For many years, they had been presided over by a legenda...

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Pendek  2015

When a logging accident leaves him stranded in remote jungle, a man must travel deep into the the interior to find hope of rescue.

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The Terrible Old Man  2015

Three criminals hear tales of a strange old man with immense wealth. They may soon regret trying to rob him. Based on the H P Lovecraft story of the same name.

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A Date in the Park  2014

You are Lou. You’ve recently moved to Lisbon, Portugal, to start a new life. Within days of arriving, you meet an enchanting woman, Catarina, and agree to meet her the next day in her favourite park. You arrive at the stunning park on a beautiful sunny day, with high hopes. But you soon re...

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