Adventure games by Technocrat Games

All Adventure Games developed and/or published by Technocrat Games

The Rail  2013

Victor Webbe is a train supervisor on The Rail, the Maglev train that transports valuable minerals across an arid world to the colony of Dawn Landing.

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Nancy the Happy Whore and the Perfidious Petrol Station  2012

Nancy, the titular sex-worker with an unshakeably optimistic attitude, finds herself running out of fuel while on her way to the Big City.

Johnny Hurricane and the Pirates of the Third Reich

Deadly pirate U-boats have been terrorizing Allied shipments throughout the Caribbean, and Fighter Command resolves to put their best man on the case - Johnny Hurricane, ace pilot! His mission to recover the Enigma machine is complicated by the similarly difficult and vague task given to a young woman who won’t stop following him around and taking anything not nailed down.

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