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The Adventures of the Black Hawk game announcement

The Adventures of Black Hawk
The Adventures of Black Hawk

One thing that's immediately apparent when looking at the screenshots for The Adventures of the Black Hawk: this is a game inspired by classic adventures from the 90s. Obviously influenced by The Secret of Monkey Island and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, it's clear that the developers have tried to make an adventure with an artistic style that combines the best aspects of the previously mentioned games. We've learned from Croquetasesina Studios that the script features touches of humor and irony plus absurd situations that continue in the tradition exemplified by LucasArts. 

Image #1

We hope that the (future) players of The Adventures of the Black Hawk will be reunited with the same feelings and emotions they experienced thirty years ago.

Our idea when we started was not to live up to these great games, but to make an adventure that would commemorate and pay homage in gratitude to those games that brought us such good times when we were young.

The Adventures of the Black Hawk features the exploits of a masked hero who leads a double life, mixing with the nobility and the common people in a small village near Paris before the French Revolution. Thanks to his status as Count, he knows the intricacies of the nobility, using this knowledge and his masked identity to assist the cause of liberty. His biggest headache is the evil Baron LeComeau, the chief of police who serves the nobility without hesitation. Jean-Pierre de Saint Cove, our protagonist, will try to devise and execute a plan that will overthrow the totalitarian regime and bring justice to the people. 

Image #2

In The Adventures of the Black Hawk you'll have the ability to assume the roles of two different characters: Jean-Pierre de Saint Cove and a female protagonist, Violette Hulot, who takes the reins for part of the game. As was teased on Twitter, the game involves sword fighting, combining aspects of the duels from The Secret of Monkey Island (though insult-free) and the combat in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, leaning more towards the fighting style of the latter. 

Currently, the game is 97% finished, pending the completion of dialogs in the third and last chapter. Originally developed in Spanish, the game will be translated into English, French, Italian, and German. A deliberate choice was made for no voice-overs in the game. The studio wants to try and be as faithful as possible to the characteristics of the adventures that have inspired them. They've reportedly tried to stay close to the original philosophy of 90s adventures in all facets of the game: graphics, script, puzzles, gameplay, art, and even a website with an "outdated" design (which was chosen deliberately).

Image #3The release date for The Adventures of the Black Hawk will be towards the end of 2022, and Croquetasesina Studios will launch a Kickstarter campaign around October 2022 to raise funds to bring the game to completion and offer limited physical rewards. For example, a game box will be available to satisfy the big box collectors of the genre, which will be packed with extra surprises. Once the game is released, it will be sold exclusively on digital platforms. 

We'll be keeping a close eye on the development of The Adventures of the Black Hawk. With a story that is sure to remind you of the adventures of Zorro-Meets-The-Three-Musketeers, it's looking to be quite the classical treat.


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