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TSIOQUE review

It's easy to get caught up in this short but charmingly beautiful fairy tale adventure of a princess saving her castle.

Read the review » Nov 12, 2018

Return of the Obra Dinn review

This unique minimalist adventure is sure to float the boat of anyone looking for a compelling narrative puzzle to unwind.

Read the review » Nov 9, 2018

The Shapeshifting Detective review

Random killers and multiple personas form the basis for this slick, replayable FMV mystery from the creators of Doctor Dekker.

Read the review » Nov 8, 2018

Another Sight review

Its slick production values are the cat’s meow, but this ambitious puzzle-platformer ends up biting off more than it can chew.

Read the review » Nov 7, 2018

Detective Case and Clown Bot in The Express Killer review

The comic cartoon mystery sequel gets off to a crowd-pleasing start, though a few notable issues prevent it from ever reaching top speed.

Read the review » Nov 6, 2018

39 Days to Mars review

This stylish steampunk co-op adventure serves up plenty of whimsical charm for one or two players, but sputters from clunky controls and repetitive tasks.

Read the review » Nov 5, 2018

Goodwolf Studio – Code 7 interview

Adventure Corner nabbed some behind-the-scenes time with the creators of the text-based hacking adventure. Here is the transcript of that meeting.

Read interview Nov 2, 2018

Without Escape review

This short room-escape adventure rarely gets past its uninspired find-the-key formula that ultimately leads nowhere in particular.

Read the review » Nov 1, 2018

Lust for Darkness review

There are elements of great schlock horror here, but this gratuitous erotic thriller will largely leave you pining for more than simply shock value.

Read the review » Oct 31, 2018

Call of Cthulhu review

Perhaps the most authentic Lovecraft videogame to date, this replayable genre-blending adventure/RPG hybrid is one of the great ones.

Read the review » Oct 30, 2018

A Month of Movies: November 2018 releases video preview

Enjoy an early treat with this grab-bag of trailers from next month's top upcoming adventures.

View video preview Oct 29, 2018

Conarium review

The high point of this atmospheric 3D horror is its rich Lovecraftian lore, but the gameplay experience supporting it falls flat.

Read the review » Oct 26, 2018

Path to Mnemosyne review

This black-and-white puzzler is uniquely compelling with its infinite zoom presentation, though its abstract story and familiar puzzles aren't quite so memorable.

Read the review » Oct 25, 2018

STONE review

There's surprising emotional weight to this high-quality comedic "hip hop stoner noir" adventure, though the same can't be said of its lite gameplay.

Read the review » Oct 24, 2018

Yeli Orog review

This single-sitting Celtiberian origin myth blends FMV with slideshow-style adventuring for a simple but compelling sensory experience.

Read the review » Oct 23, 2018

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