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Two episodes of Alexey’s Winter bundled up on PC

The usual response to the prospect of a little more winter is "no thank you" (the polite version, anyway). But a little more of Alexey's Winter: Night Adventure is a whole different matter, as the first two episodes of a point-and-click adventure series are now bundled together and available on PC. 

The first game, originally launched as a free Android exclusive in 2017, introduced the titular protagonist as he attempted to find his lost keys on a cold, snowy winter's night in the 1980s USSR. In the second installment, slightly longer than its predecessor, the night is not improving at all for Alexey, as he finally gets inside only to discover that his TV is now missing. And so it's back out into the cold and snow once again to find out what happened to it. 

Alexey's Winter is a hand-painted point-and-click adventure that takes place in a "typical Soviet setting" around the protagonist's apartment block. While both games are ostensibly about finding a missing item, they each focus more on the small incidents and stories that pop up in daily neighbourhood life, some of which require collecting inventory items and solving puzzles that can be quite challenging despite the confined local environment. The pace is intended to be relaxing and the atmosphere funny, though neither episode should take players too long to complete. 

The first two episodes of Alexey's Winter: Night Adventure are bundled together and available now on Steam and itch.io. The latter also has a short free demo to give you a brief idea of what to expect. The original Android release, meanwhile, remains free and contains the complete first installment.

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